A Carpet Cleaning Service to Write Home About!

Recently we have been working with a few companies in smaller cities in Orange County and have been having a lot of luck with certain companies. Orange County carpet cleaners Bomar Chem-dry were one of the local companies that we decided to try out. We were pleasantly surprised with how things turned out. Take a look at some of these amazing pictures of work they did. They use a special bleach that they were very excited to show us.

yorba linda

Other Carpet cleaning services that they offer

Yorba Linda is a beautiful small city in Orange County. They are one of the smallest cities but also one of the most wealthy cities in Orange County. We are from Yorba Linda and were very happy to find out that All Points Chem-dry is also a Yorba Linda carpet cleaner! We posted a picture below just to see the type of exquisite work that they do on a daily basis.

carpet cleaning services

As a final note on the quality of work that they do over at Bomar and All Points we have included a video to describe and demonstrate exactly what they are capable of. You will be excited and surprised by the sheer quality that these guys produce.

A.C.R Contracting & Handyman Services: Bathroom Remodeling For Kings

Our first customer was the father of one of my employees clients. He was an amazing contractor and we were extremely impressed with the home remodeling work he had done for his past clients. We jumped at the chance to work with him and busted out his website for his bathroom remodeling services in Orange County CA
nearly instantly.

Check out some of the pictures of their work:

They do a lot of handyman and repair work for local customers:

handyman service in OC

This a prime example of a kitchen they recently renovated

kitchen remodel

And finally a video they made about the website design work we did for them-

If you enjoyed this post you can learn more by visiting their website: http://acrconstructioninc.com

While ACR Construction is one of the top premier remodeling services in Orange County, they typically have to hire out certain responsibilities to other companies. This is called subcontracting and can be a great way for business’s to network and exchange information. Recently, ACR worked with another company that we had recommended. A company who’s website we recently built. The company we are speaking about is of course the best electricians Orange County CA has to offer, Wakefield Electric. Located in south Orange County, this electrical contractor has been killing it lately with his quick service and genuine desire to help his customers.

Wakefield Electric serves all of Orange County but they are primarily centered in the Fullerton area. These guys are constantly being referred to as some of the best electricians in Fullerton and for good reasons. ACR knows they do great work which is the primary reason why they have become so popular among customers looking to have re-wiring work done.

The best Plumbing Services in Fullerton

Seale Plumbing is a plumber located in Orange County, Ca. They have only been in the area for a few years now and I had the pleasure to be one of the first designers to work with them. They found out about us through word of mouth (the only marketing that we employ here) and were eager to work with us. The thing that was different about them was that their website was franchise, thus we could not make any edits that would benefit their Orange County plumbing company.

Seale Plumbing Orange County
We took the job anyways as plumbers are some of our favorite people to build websites for. Take a look at some of these pictures and let us know what you think of the website design job that we did.
plumber website

Finding a quality plumbing company though, especially in a small city like Fullerton is exactly like finding a needle in a giant haystack. Firstly, you need to find someone who can be trusted. Most plumbers like to try and pull the sheet over years and work you for as much money as possible. To find an emergency plumber Fullerton CA has started holding competitions for the best plumber and leak detection specialist. Finding someone like that is complicated and should be done with care.

You can contact Seale Plumbing about plumbing advice and water heater repair by visiting their website

All Points Restoration – Flood Damage Repair

All Points Restoration was a company that we were really excited to work for. You can see when looking at their website that their water damage restoration Fullerton website was not wordpress based. This was a first for us and we were really excited to see how it turned out.

All Points Restoration

As you can see, thanks to our favorite Fullerton electrician, it turned out fantastically. The water damage, fire damage, and equipment rental sections really stand out. Take a look at these pictures to see more of what All Points Restoration is all about.
water damage repair

Read more about their company here: http://allpointsrestoration.net APR is also quite world renowned for their Orange County trenchless sewer repair services. What this does is basically repair any pipe by use of pipelining. Pipe lining is inserting a tube into a broken pipe so that you do not have to replace the entire thing. It is incredibly cost effective and useful to do things this way.

Our Portfolio – A List of Our Web Design Customers

Our specialty when making websites is contractors. We have worked with contractors for years now and know exactly what it takes to get them ranked in google. Once we get them ranked in google we spend hours going over the data generated by traffic to figure out the optimal design for their website. Simply put, we get you customers. Our clients include everything from bathroom renovators, water damage restoration contractors, plumbers, carpet cleaners, and even dental labs. Check out some of our work as we break down each customer in the following posts.

A list of Tips From Orange County’s Top Web Design Team

In this post we will be giving some great advice given to us from the stars over at Fullerton based design team James Franklin Web Design. Pay careful attention to everything we talk about in this post as this is some of the most advanced website design tactics out there for 2013.

Using pictures like the one below are a great way to get people interested in the content of your website
great web design tricksBelow is a collage we made of all of our web clients!

list of great websitesAnother collage we made of our very first clients. (over 5 years ago!)
more website with a great designWhen the web was young the address bar was everyone’s best friend. Http was just a beginners protocol at the time

sites and address barInnovation is what separates the big players from the small fries. Stay up to date with currently web development technologies and you will never fall behind!

web designAgain, our Fullerton website design team wouldn’t be half of what it is today without the age old address bar